On the move

I know it’s been months since I’ve posted and we have new pictures of Lachlan that I should link but things have been a bit crazy and now we’re on the move. We packed up our house in California this week and are taking an adventure road trip as we move to Houston, Texas. Stops along the way include the Grand Canyon! Roswell, New Mexico! Albuquerque! The Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City! It should be fun if Lachlan survives it okay. We’re still in the Bay Area tonight but hit the road tomorrow for adventure. We’ll get to our new house around the 10th of September.

Meanwhile, Lachlan is starting to take a few baby steps and wants to be moving moving moving. He can walk quite well holding someone’s hand, and he can stand independently for a few seconds, and he can even take a step or two before he gets so excited he falls down. I expect he’ll hold on until he’s ready to run.

Here’s Lachlan in June and July and here are some pictures from August. I’ll post pictures from our vacation after we get settled in Houston.

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Just a couple more recent pics:

Lachlan at 9 months

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I just realized I’ve been remiss in updating here. There are a few new batches of photos to post.

Here’s Lachlan at 7 months.

Here’s Lachlan in early April. He just keeps growing!

A couple weeks ago, we went to Hawaii on vacation. Lots of pics here.

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New Pictures of Lachlan!

The little guy is almost 6 months old now.

new pictures

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Grandma and Grandpa came to visit for Christmas

Here are pictures from Lachlan’s first Christmas.

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new pics!

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So, Lachlan had his first cold this week and it has not been fun.  I feel like we’ve been to the pediatrician weekly for the last month and we’ll be headed back there tomorrow.  Poor little guy.  He’s too young for his first cold.

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The many moods of Lachlan

Lachlan, October 2006

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He keeps growing!

Lachlan, week 8

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Lachlan photo parade

Andrew’s trying to be good about taking pictures of Lachlan.

Lachlan’s first week


Isn’t he cute?

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